Our Artist

Hakam Rahmad is founder & artist at Achik Face Painting since 2010.

He loves art and has been passionate about it from an early age. Water colors, soft pastel & acrylic are his favorite mediums in painting.

He is versatile in creating a wide array of face painting designs, particularly animals such as tigers, which are among his favourites.

Aside from his visible artistic skills, Hakam possesses great charisma and personality, besides genuine love towards children, as he is also a father of a beautiful 2 year old daughter.

Keira is founder & artist at Achik Face Painting. She is also a make-up artist who creates gorgeous day and night looks for diverse functions and parties.

Despite being an economist by training, Keira has great fondness for the world of art.

She first dabbled in face painting in 2010, and Achik Face Painting was then established together with her husband as their labour of love. Friends who share a similar passion in the art have since joined the couple in creative ventures across many parts of the region.

Her favourite designs are fairies and flowers, and her signature style is lots of glitter and gems that put her work in the spotlight.

Akhrif Khalil, joined Achik Face Painting as an artist since 2013.

Fuelled by a great love of the arts, he pursued Art & Design and now serves as a graphic designer for a famous brand in Malaysia.

He also specialises in khat calligraphy painting.

In face painting, his favorite designs are superheroes and cartoons, earning him many fans among the young.

Che'e or Ila is a mother to two beautiful children.

She has always been into art and creative since school days.

She joined the team in 2012 and has found her love for art through face painting since then.

Her favorite design are butterflies in any kind, big, glitters ⭐ colourful. She is kind, loving and easy to be around with.

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